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Personalized Just Like Gravity Falls Character Portrait

Personalized Just Like Gravity Falls Character Portrait

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Turn yourself into a Gravity Falls Character! 

Who wouldn't want artwork drawn of their favorite show characters in their own style! All our portraits are customized and personalized for each individual. Great gifts for loved ones and family portraits. 

You will receive a digital copy of the artwork that you can use to print on anything that your heart desires. 

Pet's are welcome too!

How Does it Work?

STEP 1: You submit your order by selecting the number of people you want included in your portrait, your chosen background and uploaded refrence photos.

STEP 2: After our artists create your personalized portrait, you will receive an email link to view your proof of the design.

STEP 3: Once your portrait has been approved, you will receive a final high quality version of your artwork through an email link. You will also be sent information via email on how to order personalized prints directly from us.

Tips For A Perfect Portrait


Please do your best to include any and all details as to how you would like to be drawn. For example..."I'm 6'0" and she's 5'7" or "make me look skinnier" or "he loves that hat so please include it".


You do not need to upload a picture of everyone together...simply upload the individuals separately if you need to and we will do the rest.

Got More Questions?

Head over to our FAQ's for the most common questions and answers.

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